1658 South Airport Way
Stockton, California, 95205


Racing Dates: 2011-06-15 until 2011-06-19
Number of Racing Days:

RacetrackTrack Length: 1 Mile
Stretch Length:
Stretch Width: 80 feet
Infield Capacity:
Clubhouse Capacity:
Grand Stand Capacity:
Parking Capacity:
Price General Admission: $8.00
Price Clubhouse:
Price Turf Club:

Stockton History

California fairs are the very heart of horse racing. Since the early days of exploration and settlement, people have come together at certain times of the year to enjoy the festival of a season, the anniversary of a place, or the celebration of a special event. When people came together for these occasions, they came by horseback. They came to eat, drink, visit, look around, play, have a little fun... and to see who had the fastest horse. This is the historical legacy of the fairs of California and this is how we still race our horses and where we still have fun. Horse racing and fairs share a particularly special partnership. When the horse racing industry we know today was established in 1933, the stated purpose of the racing law which created it was the

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Fair, San Joaquin Fair (Stockton)

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